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is specialized in researching, manufacturing and maketing turbochargers and turbo spare parts.Our turbo spare parts includes Shaft&wheel、Compressor wheel、Cartridge/chra 、Repair Kit、Turbine housing、Compressor housing、Bearing housing、Back plate、Journal bearing、Thrust bearing、Actuator、Piston ring and so on. Our company have professional engineer, advanced technology, testing equipment and strict quality management system. Our company established in 2002, our marketing idea is “customer is the soil for business growth”, give full play to own advantages, we produces all turbochargers and turbo spare parts uses standard OE. Now we has more than 400 turbochargers and thousands of rotor assy, our business regions world wide. The employee are constantly striving to deliver the highest service and constantly strive.

Our mission is improve the quality of products, perfect after-sale service, solve clients problems. We always strive to provide our clients with high quality products and services, in order to win you trust and care.

The company located in zone B industrial park Erlong Fengcheng city, Liaoning province, the distance to airport Shenyang is 170Km, transportation convenient, it will spend 2 hours flight from Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou to Shenyang airport.

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    Germany SCHENCK ...
    Machine Type: TBSonio for turbocharger core assembly
  • 132015.7
    AUTOMECHANIKA MOSCOW2015法兰克福(俄罗斯)汽配展 TIME:2015-8-24~ 2015-8-27Exhibition site:I...

We can ensure the accuracy of the product by Germany SCHENCK TBsonio!

  • TA4538 466617-0004 Turbine shaft shaft wheel turbine wheel 441064-0001
  • GT1749V repair kit
  • GT1549 rotor
  • CT16
  • TA45 441064-0001
  • GT17 GT20 436504-0004
  • GT17 GT20 434715-0013
  • GT17 717904-0001
  • GT17 434714-0004
  • GT15 433165-0001
  • GT15 433158-0001
  •  GT15 Turbo Turbine Wheel
  • CT26 17201-17010
  • CT20 17201-17040
  • Hyundai  GT1749S  715843-0001
  • GT2052v 434883-0015 turbine shaft turbine wheel shaft&wheel
  • BV39 1303-039-402
  • L200 4D56 TD04 compressor wheel 49177-43300
  • KP35 5435-123-2007
  • KTA50 HC5A 3523420 COMPRESSOR WHEEL 3521034 SHAFT
  • Failure Analysis
    Failure Analysis
    We could say, if don’t damaged the turbocharger failure, so it is basicall...
With turbocharger car, actually should be used as this!!!
Turbocharger is actually similar to the air compressor, the compressed air to increase air inlet. It is the use of engine exhaust inertia momentum to drive a turbine chamber of the turbine, turbine and drive the coaxial impeller, impeller press send by air cleaner duct air into the cylinder, so that the booster. When the engine speed increases quickly, speed and exhaust gas turbine speed synchronous also increases quickly, the impeller can compress more air into the cylinder, so that we can have more fuel into the cylinder to burn, so it can increase the output power of the engine.
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