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About turbos

How To Usd Turbo
      With turbocharger car, actually should be used as this!!!
      Turbocharger is actually similar to the air compressor, the compressed air to increase air inlet. It is the use of engine exhaust inertia momentum to drive a turbine chamber of the turbine, turbine and drive the coaxial impeller, impeller press send by air cleaner duct air into the cylinder, so that the booster. When the engine speed increases quickly, speed and exhaust gas turbine speed synchronous also increases quickly, the impeller can compress more air into the cylinder, so that we can have more fuel into the cylinder to burn, so it can increase the output power of the engine.
      An engine fitted with a turbocharger, the maximum output power and not with the supercharger is compared, can increase by about 40%, or even more. In addition, the engine with turbocharging technology, can improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. However, the engine in the exhaust gas turbocharger technology, work to produce the maximum explosion pressure and the average temperature will rise substantially, so that the mechanical performance of the engine, lubricating performance will be affected. In order to ensure that the engine in high mechanical load and thermal load conditions can be * durable work, must be in main engine thermodynamic parameters selection, structure design, material, process and other aspects of the necessary changes, rather than simply on the engine with a supercharger on the line. As a result of this process of change in the implementation of the difficult, but also consider the turbocharger and diesel engine matching problem, thus to some extent also limits the exhaust-gas turbocharging technology in the application of the engine.